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Manufactured in Cookeville, TN by NESCO: the real corn stove name brand -- Amaizablaze.


We want to reassure our customers that no stove purchased from America's Harvest Energy Systems is included in the SnowFlame and Corn Energy Systems product recall.
Click here to view the Underwriter's Laboratories consumer warning about Snowflame corn stoves manufactured in Bean Station, TN. by Corn Energy Systems, Inc. after 2004.

The reliability and economy of the Amaizablaze corn stove, manufactured by NESCO,  has come to the attention of many consumers in the last few years.    It is the perfect solution to today's high cost of energy for heat, so there is no real surprise.  Unfortunately, the corn stove has also attracted some opportunity seekers who have imported inferior, foreign made products or knock offs manufactured in Bean Station, TN by Corn Energy Systems, Inc. after 2004.  Some of those stoves were look-a-likes of the quality Amaizablaze corn stove and even carried a counterfeit UL sticker, but they were never really close to the high standards of the real corn stove: Amaizablaze!  Some of them may have carried the SnowFlame name, or some other name --according to the Snowflame and Corn Energy Systems websites.   America's Harvest Energy Systems or its primary supplier and manufacturer, NESCO (Natural Energy Systems Company) of Cookeville, Tennessee, never sold any of these inferior stoves.
 In 2004 we at America's Harvest Energy Systems became concerned about some of the policies and practices of manufacturers and distributors of these look-a-like or 'knock-off' stoves.  When we became aware that deals were being made to import inferior stoves, we knew we needed to take action to protect our customers.  America's Harvest Energy Systems, in an effort to maintain our commitment  to providing only quality, American made corn stoves, chose to present  and promote corn stoves manufactured ONLY by NESCO of Cookeville, Tennessee, the maker of quality Amaizablaze corn stoves. 
All of the stoves that America's Harvest Energy Systems sold in 2005 and later have been American made Amaizablaze stoves.  Any SnowFlame corn stoves that we sold in 2004 and prior to that time were manufactured in America before the unfortunate bankruptcies and management changes at SnowFlame and before Carroll Buckner, the original founder of Snowflame left the company.  We have NEVER had a complaint about American-made corn stoves,
and we back every stove we have ever sold. 
We are baffled that the new management of SnowFlame and Corn Energy Systems has chosen to name our company in THEIR recall of "somebody's" imported, inferior, defective, "health hazard" stoves ---according to their own website (Click Here to see their recall).  It seems remarkable that the actual manufacturer and/or importer of "counterfeit, knockoffs that are not UL approved"  seems to insinuate that someone else was involved in that same activity.  We have no real first hand knowledge of any of their bankruptcies, new names, or problems with their imported stoves.  Like you, we can only read their website and UL's warnings and wonder what happened to this once reputable company.  After months of no contact from SnowFlame, web site links that switched or forwarded to another site (not really the SnowFlame site), and phone numbers published on the site that had been disconnected, we had concluded that SnowFlame must have gone completely out of business.  Their recent re-emergence and almost immediate "Product Recall" has been a new revelation to us. 
We want to reassure our customers that no stove purchased from America's Harvest Energy Systems is included in the SnowFlame and Corn Energy Systems product recall.   If you think you own one of the defective stoves and cannot make contact with your original dealer nor with Snowflame and  you need a replacement stove or part, please contact us.  Since they copied the Amaizablaze stove in many ways, some of the parts may be interchangeable and we may be able to help you repair your stove.  Please email us to inquire. (click here)
We have always hoped that SnowFlame might once again become a reputable producer of quality, American-made stoves and we still hold out hope that that might once again become true.  Meanwhile, we can only encourage the new management of their company to cease and desist the libelous inclusion of our good name in their problems.  And, we continue to reassure our customers that no stove purchased from America's Harvest Energy Systems is included in the SnowFlame and Corn Energy Systems product recall.
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